With their star-shaped markings and naturally dark fur, the Orions of Lumi-Lumi cut stark figures against the white snows.
Brave and noble of heart, these canine Guardians work tirelessly to help those they call friends. They are a breed with a lineage
that can be traced back countless generations. Of their many abilities, which include keen hearing and an even keener sense of smell,
the Orion’s sense of direction is unparalleled; their attunement to magnetic fields allows them to always know which direction is north.
Some Elders insist that in ages past, an Orion’s bark had the power to pierce enchantments and shatter falsehoods.

There are many myths surrounding the origins of the Orion. Some say that the first Orion was pulled down from the stars themselves,
and this may be true; it is common knowledge that Orions have an intense fascination with the sky. Whenever meteors fall or auroras cast their rainbow light,
Orions will stare up into the heavens, as if hoping to recall some ancient memory.

As steadfast and dependable as they are, Orions are equally given to playing and roughhousing.
They love the snow and the cold, and will jump, hide, and hunt for hours. From puppyhood to well into old age,
they are filled always with boundless energy, and an eagerness for fun – but as soon as friends finds themselves in danger,
an Orion will put games aside and immediately leap into action. No danger is too great for an Orion; fearlessly they will put themselves in harm's way
to save someone else. Legends are told of their loyalty, and it is certain they will forge new legends still. Orions have protected Kingdom Sky since its beginnings,
and they will serve on for many years to come.

  • "Orions also love extremely cold weather. They're brave and can run long distances without tiring.
    They can also tell what direction is North, no matter where they are.

    - Orion Pinata

  • "Orions are naturally playful and talented, with great sight, smell, and direction.
    It simply takes a gentle, guiding hand to train one.

    - How To Train An Orion





















    Yang Warrior

    Yin Warrior


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