Mysterious and deep, Lumi-Lumi Caverns host very low temperatures.

Lumi-Lumi Caverns are more peaceful than they look from outside.
Vivid colors that comes from the forming crystals brights the whole city, and if you learn how to handle the cold
temperatures, you'll find yourself on a very cheerful atmosphere.

Lumi-Lumi Caverns architecture strongly resembles the russian building styles.

Lumi-Lumi Nursery

"Welcome to the Lumi-Lumi Nursery! The chilly temperatures here, means our guardians have thick coats, fierce paws,
an excellent sense of direction, and an unwavering spirit. Although their playful nature makes them notoriously difficult to train."

On Lumi-Lumi's nursery, you'll be able to adopt one of the following guardians:




Orions can be found all year around.
However the Lex is rarer, and litters only arrive from time to time.
Karhus are available in limited quantities.