• Clothing can be used to dress up your persona.

  • You must first add the item from your inventory to the wardrobe. Click on the item and from the drop down menu choose "add to closet" to put your wearable item into your wardrobe.

  • Every user starts up with 5 layers + background layer, but this number can be increased using
    the Clothing Hanger (One more layer) or the Premium Clothing Hanger (Three more layers).

  • Tiannah also sponsors a Fashion Contest of her own. It happens once a month
    and the winner can choose any item on site (excluding referral prizes, HC and current premium mall items) as their prize.

  • The contest is based on themes, chosen by Tiannah herself, and separated into two categories: Standard and Premium.
    Users may choose which category they'll compete in when entering:

    Standard: Only regular shop items and special items that can be gained from events are allowed. Use of premium items is prohibited.
    Premium: All available items are allowed, including the premium shop items. Your persona must be wearing at least one premium shop item.

  • Winners will also be awarded with the Best Dressed trophy on their profiles.

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